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(Note that Tapp Global was originally called Twothirds Water, so some of these articles use that name.)


 “An extremely simple and versatile water filter designed for some of the most difficult circumstances in the world.”

“After years of developing and implementing water-treatment solutions in Third World countries, engineer Bradley Pierik invented a simple, hand-held filter that turns non-potable water into drinking water.”

“Twothirds Water’s product is serenely simple… a cheaper, safer alternative to boiling.”

“It seems almost like magic.”

“Engineering schools across Canada have focused increasingly on subjects like technological entrepreneurship… Another trend is that of global engineering… Bradley Pierik might just be the living embodiment of both of these trends.”

“In an industry where products tend to be quite complicated to operate and maintain, one of Tapp’s greatest strengths is that it is so easy to use.”

“Easy-to-use and durable under even the toughest conditions.”

“A revolutionary new product that can benefit everyone.”

“Twothirds Water has developed a beautiful, minimalist handheld system that makes filtering water a snap.”

“One aspect that I saw that’s different from a lot of products out there is the ability to clean the filter … that’s a very innovative part of the design.”

“The easy-to-use filtration system.”

“A water filter that is simple enough that any child can immediately treat his or her own drinking water.”

“A compact design, and an easy-to-use water filter.”

An article about Bradley Pierik’s work before creating Tapp Global: