Tapp Filter



Tapp is a self-cleaning, zero-maintenance water filter designed for some of the toughest environments on earth: disaster relief and international development projects.


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Simple to operate
A few pumps get it started. Turn it like a tap, and safe drinking water will flow by itself. It’s really that simple.
Every time you pump it, the filter also flushes away any trapped debris, so no maintenance is needed. Gravity makes it flow, so no effort is required. 


Easy to deploy
Tapp’s simplicity makes deployment very easy. This saves time and money in training and follow-up.


More likely to be consistently used!
Water filters are prone to technical failures, improper use, and (most of all) disuse when people get frustrated with all the steps and effort they require. We designed Tapp to avoid these problems, so you can increase adoption and long-term use, and help more people stay healthy.



A 3-minute mini-documentary about Tapp.
(This was made when Tapp Global was called Twothirds Water.)


Material Specifications
State-of-the-art hollow-fibre filtration membranes from the medical industry
Constructed from food-grade, ultra-durable, BPA-free copolyester

Performance Specifications
Bacteria: over 99.9999% removal
Protozoa: over 99.99% removal
Viruses: typically 90-99.99%, but variable
Particulates: removed
Chemicals (e.g. salt): not removed

Product Specifications
Filter weight: 108g (3.8 oz)
Dimensions: ø 4cm x 15.2 cm (ø 1.6 in x 6 in)
Filter pore size: 0.2 microns
Flow rate: up to 3 cups per minute (700 ml/min)
Design life: 3 years

Each package contains
Tapp water filter
Hose (1.2 m/3.9 ft)
Hose clip


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No tools, electrical power, or replacement parts needed for operation or maintenance.
Made in Canada with domestic and imported parts.

Patented, with additional international patents pending.

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Download the Tapp Brochure (4MB).

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