Last Updated March 27, 2014

About Tapp.  Tapp is a water filter designed for personal use by Tapp Global Design Inc. in accordance with the instructions supplied with your Tapp Filter.  If you have purchased a Tapp Filter you are entitled to the warranty protection below.  This warranty is personal to you as a buyer and shall not extend to any third party and shall not be transferable.

1. Limited Warranty.  Tapp Global warrants that the Tapp Filter will perform in accordance with the documentation provided with it (“Instructions”) for a period of one (1) year from the date of purchase (“Warranty”).

2. Important Exclusions from Warranty.  The Warranty will not apply to any defects attributable to:

(a) improper use of the Tapp Filter, including improper use due to failure to properly read and follow the Instructions when using and handling your Tapp Filter;

(b) failure induced by other products or components that you or someone else uses with the Tapp Filter;

(c) normal wear and tear; or

(d) any adjustment, modification, alteration or repair not expressly authorized by Tapp Global.

3.  Warranty Procedure.   If You believe that your Tapp Filter is defective, You should contact your local Tapp dealer or Tapp Global using the warranty return service details at: www.twothirdswater.com or the contact information on the product box.  You must provide full details of the alleged defects and if a return is authorized by Tapp Global, You are responsible for prepay all transportation charges for such return.  Unauthorized returns may be subject to reshipment to You, freight collect.  Tapp Global will assess the returned unit(s) and provide a response regarding its warranty assessment.  Where a warranty claim is valid, Tapp Global will issue a credit to You for the purchase price of such product or, at its own cost, ship a replacement Tapp Filter or replacement parts to You (at Tapp Global’s cost).  If a Tapp Filter does not fall within the Warranty (e.g. defects or damage falling within Section 2), Tapp Global will repair or replace the Tapp Filter at Tapp Global’s standard rates quoted to you.  You will be responsible for returning shipping costs.

4.  Sole Remedy.  You acknowledge that this represents Your sole and exclusive remedy for breach of Warranty.  Tapp Global assumes no liability for indirect or consequential damages and will have no liability in respect of any defects due to the exclusions in Section 2.  TO THE MAXIMUM EXTENT PERMITTED BY APPLICABLE LAW, TAPP GLOBAL, ITS LICENSORS, SUPPLIERS AND AGENTS MAKE NO REPRESENTATIONS AND GIVE NO WARRANTIES, WHETHER EXPRESS, IMPLIED, STATUTORY, OR OTHERWISE, INCLUDING WARRANTIES OF MERCHANTABILITY OR FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE OF THE TAPP FILTERS.